Happy Clients

We truly take pride in the service we have offered for so many years. It is extremely fulfilling when our coaching and therapy changes our clients lives. Because of that, we have received numerous letters of thanks and gratitude. Here are just a few that we thought you would enjoy.

Sarah James, LCSW and her team have always been diligent and prompt in their collaboration on our shared care teams. It is very important to provide integrated and coordinated care on multi-disciplinary teams and this is one of the reasons I always look forward to working with the Counseling Place and Lone Tree and Castle Rock! ~Ronny De Carlo MA, MFTC

I saw a therapist in this practice, as well as my daughter. Both experiences exceeded our expectations. These therapists know what they are doing and care about their clients.

~ Past Client

I would highly recommend working with the Counseling Place at Lone Tree and Castle Pines! They have such a warm, caring, and compassionate approach that makes you feel safe and supported instantly. Professional yet down to earth. I’m so thankful to have them on my journey with me. ~ Past Client

Through her genuine compassion, Sarah expressed empathy for her patients and their families. She does an outstanding job of assessing what her clients need in the moment and responds accordingly. Her level of commitment to providing the best possible clinical care is evident in each of her sessions with her patients and their families. She has a gentle way of working with her clients, both children and adolescents, and their families. She makes them feel comfortable and eases their anxieties in the midst of what are often crisis situations.

~Clinician from The Children’s Hospital

Taylor Anderson is a wonderful therapist and human being.

~James Lavoy

Sarah, I was not sure this day would ever come or if we would make it. Thank you so much for you wisdom, compassion, your knowledge, professionalism, & guidance. We are so grateful to you. We have our son back. Calling you was and will always be one of the best decisions we could ever have made.
~ Mother of a 17-year-old boy

As a professional colleague with 26 years experience in private practice I was privileged to be co-located with Sarah for several years. I referred several clients to her following my policy of only referring to others to whom I’d be willing to send one of my own family members. Clients who saw Sarah always reported that she was extremely helpful, sincere and solidly professional. Should you choose to visit Sarah, you’ll find safety, privacy, comfort and solid professional assistance. ~Thomas C. Munnell, Ph.D.

Sarah has a genuine and authentic presence. It really helped us open up and feel comfortable to address really difficult issues. ~Couple in their 30’s

I have been to three other therapists and Sarah has taken me further than I ever thought counseling could.
~ 45-year-old women

I am really happy to have Sarah so close and her patients love her!. ~ Lone Tree Family Practice Doctor

I often hear Heidi’s words in my head and it has really helped me consider my next response for the situation I’m in.

I’m grateful for the work I was able to do with Heidi. I understand myself more and I feel hopeful again.

We knew we did not want to get a divorce, but our marriage was feeling very hopeless. Then we met Heidi. She was kind, non-judgmental, supportive, challenging and a more like a team player and coach to help us get our marriage going in a better and more hopeful direction.

Heidi is warm and nurturing. I was quickly put at ease in my first session and that really helped me to open up.

My family now has tools to better communicate and resolve conflict.

Heidi is very compassionate and wise.

We knew we did not want to get a divorce, but our marriage was feeling very hopeless. Then we met Heidi. She was kind, non-judgmental, supportive, challenging and a more like a team player and coach to help us get our marriage going in a better and more hopeful direction.


I started therapy in 2005 because I was sexual abused in my youth by a Catholic priest when I was an altar boy. From this time I was seen by a therapist that had a Phd in psychiatric care and I worked through some of the challenges that have plagued me throughout my life since the abuse. The talk therapy was good but it always left me questioning and wanting more regarding why I do what I do with my unhealthy traits and habits.

After nearly 6 years of talk therapy I decided to pursue a new therapist, one that included EMDR in their therapy approach to healing trauma. I really didn’t know much about EMDR except for the information I heard from an acquaintance that briefly explained the process. I must also admit that I was a skeptic about the process (a fairly common trait of someone that has been abused) but I wanted to give it a go. I felt there might be something to really gain by this process.

To date I have been working with Sarah for 5 months and I am so happy that I began this therapy process that includes EMDR. I still remember my first EMDR session with her and saying to myself at the end, “that’s it?”. But the feeling of relief and a sense of peace that came over me after my first and every EMDR session following is something I can’t completely describe. It was so positive that I welcome each session because I feel myself changing and getting healthier with each session. I wish I had started this type of therapy in 2005 but I am so glad I did discover this therapy and the comfort it provides me. Another added benefits that has come out of these EMDR sessions is I am able to see, identify and correct the unhealthy traits and actions that I have conducted unconsciously for decades. Traits that have harmed me with the individuals that I have associated with regarding personal and professional relationships.

I know I have some additional work to complete but I know I am in great hands with Sarah’s expertise and knowledge coupled with her deductive reasoning to be able to compare and contrast my trauma with my daily life. She is very good with being able to listen, understand the situation, sharing her observations in a constructive way that helps to make real positive change in my life. She is an expert in her field and I have recommended to others. The feedback that I have received from these individuals has always come back positive and each have substantiated my beliefs in her expertise as well. If you’re ready to face your past and challenge yourself to do what it takes to heal from your trauma I believe you will be very satisfied with her processes and expertise. ~55 year old man