Substance Abuse Counseling

“You can lead the life you want, free from addiction. Say goodbye to old patterns and welcome a new healthier way of living.”

Do you find any of these statements too familiar?

“My use of alcohol has made my life unmanageable”

“My spouse is threatening to leave me if I do not stop using”

“I am close to losing my job due to my addiction”

“I do not like who I am and feel out of control due to my addiction”

“I feel my addiction is covering up a deeper wound”

“I am in a relationship with someone who uses and I have no idea how to help them or even get through to them”

“I come from a family of alcoholics. I am tired of this dynamic and want to break the cycle”

People use substances to numb or escape past or current pain and cope with life circumstances. Substances can be very addictive as they alter your mental and physical status almost immediately as they enter the body. By entering into therapy with a certified addiction counselor, you can peel back the layers of how your addiction came to be in your life. You can then feel empowerment with a deeper understanding of yourself and areas you may have feared exposing therefore using substances to cope. You are then ready to move towards coping with your life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

You may have a problem with drugs or alcohol if:

You have felt as though you need to decrease your use.

You are annoyed by people criticizing or bringing up your habit.

You have felt guilt around your use.

You look to your drug first thing in the morning.

You replace healthy activities with your drug of choice.

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Jayne Statler

Jayne Statler