Premarital Counseling

Behind every happy couple lies two people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and interference to be that way. Why? Because it’s what they wanted.

Do you feel like your needs are not being met in your marriage?

Are you looking to get your marriage back on track or are wanting to begin your marriage in a skilled manner so it does not go off track? You are not alone. Marriage therapy works to bring each partner’s needs to the surface (at times, people are not in touch with what their needs are), teach your partner about these needs, dissolve past pain, and work towards an emotionally healthy marriage. It is important that marriage therapists remain neutral in this process. We specialize in the areas of communication skills, forgiveness, financial issues, conflict resolution, and men’s and women’s needs to feel loved.

We enhance our marriage counseling by having our clients take the Emergenetics Profile. Your profile will tell you how you naturally learn, communicate, process information, and behave. You will then learn about your partner’s innate ways of being. This test helps clear up constant questions such as, “Why does he always do that? Doesn’t he know that drives me crazy?” or “What is she thinking? I don’t understand her!” Too often couples find themselves constantly frustrated and left feeling disregarded by their partner due to how their partner simply is. This profile helps ground your relationship in a natural, strengths-based, and non-threatening common understanding of who you and your partner are.

We Specialize In Treating:


Premarital Counseling Specialties Include:

  • Establishing Strong Communication skill
  • Positive and Effective Conflict Resolution
  • Enhancing Intimacy
  • Dissolving any Negative Patterns
  • Understanding how the families you came from affect your marriage and how to handle combining families effectively and without hurt
  • Combining two Lives with both partners feeling heard and respected
  • Second Marriages
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