Sex Therapy

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Sex Therapy at the Counseling Place at Lone Tree is provided by therapist Heidi Skogman: As a Marriage and Family Therapist with a focus on sexual issues in relationships, I find it important to emphasize the connection between a satisfying sexual relationship and a fulfilling bond with your mate. Good sex makes us feel better about ourselves and about each other.

I offer counseling for men, women and all types of couples who may experiencing problems such as: lack of sexual desire, trouble with all types of intimacy, intercourse difficulties or pain, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The main focus is to help clients feel good again about lovemaking.

Each client or couple are individuals and respected for their strength and resiliency to seek a better way to improve their issues. Some sexual problems may be resolved with a few simple recommendations while others may be more complex which requires more time and care. I can offer brief consultations or more in depth counseling to achieve the best outcomes.

You can contact Heidi with any questions at 303.912.9639.

We specialize in treating:


*Fetishes of All Types

*Gender Identity Issues

*Gay or Lesbian Couples Counseling


*Orgasm Difficulties



*Pornography Addiction


*Sex Addiction



*Sexual Desire

Heidi Skogman, LCSW, MFT


Stephanie Onan MSW, LCSW