The Emergenetics Profile is an easy-to-understand and color-coded insight into who a person is innately. The profile captures how a person thinks, behaves, and communication styles. Emergenetics stands for “emerge through their genetics”. This assessment tool helps people grow through their strengths of who they truly are rather than other assessment tools which aim at an individual’s weaknesses and asks them to change.

When you take the profile, you will receive a color-coded portrait that represent how you prefer to think and behave. You will also receive a narrative as to how your thinking (conceptual, social, analytical, and structural) and behavioral attributes work together and how to optimize your strengths in these areas. You will also learn more about how you prefer to communicate and process information in an easy to use tip sheet.

Over the past 20 years, Emergenetics has earned an international reputation as a science-based method that has met The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. It is an accurate system that empowers people to connect with their ideal approaches for thinking and action.

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Learn how your brain thinks and how you prefer to behave. This will help empower you in your interactions with others, learning, relating, decision-making, etc. By understanding your thinking and behavioral attributes, you can learn how to intertwine them at times when you need to access other areas that are not your preference. This will be explained to you when you debrief about your profile.




Plain and simple, how often do you look at your partner and wonder “what are they thinking?” We tend to marry people who think/behave differently than we do, at the same time we can become hurt by how they do things. The more you can understand your partner’s thinking and behavioral attributes, the happier you will be in your partnership. This testing has been groundbreaking for the couples who have used it in my practice.




At work, how often do you try to communicate with someone who you just can’t seem to form a connection? This can become very frustrating as you may have a deadline to meet or a problem to solve. By understanding how your teammates think and behave, and they understand you, the stronger the team you will have. Emergenetics Seminars help empower, build morale, and efficiency in companies.



Children & Teens

Do you have a child who seems to struggle in their learning or perhaps connecting with other kids? Most of our schools are set up for the analytical and structural parts of our brain, but what if your child’s thinking preference is conceptual and/or social? This can cause struggle in their school and learning experience. By understanding early how your child thinks and their natural behavioral preferences, they will have greater abilities to learn, get their needs met and excel in many environments.


I have been a Human Resources leader for over 15 years and have taken and given many different assessments in my career, but Emergentics has been the most impactful and relevant, both personally and professionally. At the time of my profile, I had recently changed client groups and was struggling with a loss of personal fulfillment in my role. My profile made it click. I was now surrounded by people who think and behave very differently than I do and also don’t respond to the way I think and behave. Understanding myself through Emergenetics has changed the way I interact with people and most importantly, it facilitated my ability to more fully accept innate traits within myself that I previously couldn’t articulate or didn’t fully acknowledge. Sarah’s knowledgeable approach in walking me through my profile and its meaning was so critical. She used her knowledge of me and incorporated my real life examples to demonstrate the different components of Emergenetics, which really brought my profile to life.”

Lesha Reese

Owner of People Evolutions

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