Family Therapy

Deep inside us, we know what every family therapist knows: the problems between the parents become the problems within the children

Sound familiar?

My son/daughter spends too much time in her room away from the family.”

“I feel like none of us are communicating in a positive way.”

“I just want us all to get along, but it seems like we can’t even have a peaceful meal together.”

“I am concerned that my son/daughter has started using drugs (or alcohol).”

“I cannot get through to my son/daughter.”

“Our family has a lot of unresolved anger and it is bleeding into all of our interactions. I feel like we all walk on egg shells.”


Have you noticed that when one person in your family is “off” everyone in the family not only feels it but also has a response to it? No matter how big or small your family is, every person in your family has an effect on everyone else.

Common family system issues include communication between parents and kids, conflict resolution, impact of divorce on children, parenting with an ex-spouse, teenagers’ behavior and attitudes, lack of family connection and togetherness, lack of creative consequences to correct behavior, children taking on the responsibility of parents, lack of united front in parenting, and so on. While these are quite common and normal to family dynamics, it does not make it healthy. The goal in family therapy is create healthy patterns of behavior, open communication where it needs to open and closed communication where it needs to be closed, learn and implement skills for talking about issues, and ensure everyone’s voice is heard and validated. We work to create a constructive family environment where everyone can flourish. Most family therapy takes place at the office, bring the whole family!

Heidi Skogman is a psychotherapist also trained and certified in marriage and family therapy. By seeing a therapist who specializes in family therapy, your cherished family can feel confident and safe that you will be headed in a supportive and healthy direction.


Tailored Services for Families with Teens and Pre-Teens:

This is an in-home service, where Heidi Skogman comes to your home to work with the whole family, usually for about 1.5-2 hours. During this time we will focus on what your family needs most. For example, this could include conflict resolution and communication, choices and consequences, decision-making, building trust, or family-work (aka: teamwork). This will be experiential and active in which everyone in your family will be able to participate and contribute. It’s a lot of fun for everyone to learn more about their family in the comforts of their own home!

Heidi Skogman, LCSW, MFT