Welcome, I’m Erika Napoleon, LCSW

Working with people who experience the wide variety of symptoms and difficulties stemming from exposure to complex trauma drives my passion as a therapist. The adversities that we all experience in our childhood and ongoing throughout our daily lives shape our life trajectory. Many of us employ a variety of coping strategies out of a need to survive and persevere. Most of the time, however, these strategies are just band-aids placed on deeper, more complex wounds. I believe that each of us has an innate and unique ability to heal and thrive. I also believe we have a right to be seen and valued for who we are, not the identities ascribed by our families or the world. Thus, the therapeutic relationship can provide an invaluable, restorative experience by which the therapist is able to mirror the client.


Work Experience:

Our therapeutic work will be collaborative and individualized. As a trauma specialist, I pull from a wide range of therapeutic orientations to meet each client’s diverse needs, complex experiences, and current situation. When we have experienced trauma and maltreatment, we not only experience a disconnection from ourselves and others, but also mistrust our perception and judgement. Therefore, healing and treatment will involve the interaction of past and present.

About Me:

My specialty areas include complex trauma and relational abuse, specifically child maltreatment and narcissistic abuse. I enjoy working with people of all ages and backgrounds.