Welcome, I’m Ashley Strong, MSW Intern

MSW Intern
Reaching out for help can be hard. I’m happy you’ve taken the step to consider counseling as part of your healing journey. Life is both beautiful and scary, and when dark days arise, you don’t have to struggle alone. So often, people ask themselves…why me? How have I found myself in this situation? I believe life has inherent meaning, and my passion is to help you find your purpose and use your strengths to guide you through the healing process. Everyone has their own unique story, and I’m committed to supporting you in navigating your struggles in a way that’s true to who you are.

Work experience

I’m currently an intern here at The Counseling Place and an online student at the University of Kentucky pursuing a master’s degree in clinical social work. My first master’s degree is in international development through City, University of London, and my bachelor’s degree is in communication studies and American Sign Language and Deaf studies through the University of Iowa. I have experience as a behavioral health counselor in a children’s psychiatric emergency department and an inpatient eating disorder treatment center, working with adolescents and adults. I have successfully completed EMDR Basic Training. I also have 12 years of experience in corporate business.

About Ashley

I’m originally from Iowa and spent ten years moving throughout the country and internationally before settling in Denver, CO, in the spring of 2021. I find a natural sense of peace in nature, and Colorado’s hiking trails and clear open skies bring me a foundational sense of happiness. I’m also passionate about animals, and every day I strive to be the best dog mom possible.