Welcome, I’m Brandon Khanna LMFT

Stories are fun, aren’t they? Sometimes they allow us to explore new worlds and possibilities that we never knew could even exist! Other times, we can get trapped within problematic narratives that meander or get stuck or worse, leave us with unresolved conundrums.

I conceptualize therapy, not as that stagnant storyline, but as an active, winding journey through story, processing hurts of the past and fears of the future, and exploring possibility with a sense of adventure and curiosity. Through an eclectic approach that includes Narrative and Experiential Therapies, and certain trauma-informed modalities (like Brainspotting and Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), I seek to walk beside you on the journey to explore how to live fully present and interact healthily with those around you. Sometimes that looks like challenging stories/roles that no longer serve, but it also looks like support, encouragement, and a safe place to land! I hope you’ll allow me to travel alongside you as you work to curate the narrative of your life.

Brandon Khanna LMFT