This is a something we hear often and thought it would be good to write a blog entry to answer the burning question. People often look at the price tag of a 50 minute therapy session and immediately think that it is expensive or they cannot afford it.

Therapy pricing is based on the value you receive from seeing that professional. To be honest, the transformations I see our clients go through are literally priceless. Therefore, the actual cost of not seeing a seasoned and sought after therapist is high. People who continue living in the current state in which they are seeking help often lose their marriages, jobs, physical health, and do not live their absolute best life. But, good help can turn your life into complete fulfillment in all aspects.

Ok, so let’s talk about the actual prices. In the Denver Metro area, your investment to see a seasoned therapist is $125-$200 a session. When you invest in seeing a therapist who is an expert in what you are experiencing, you move through therapy quicker and in a more seamless fashion, because they know exactly what you need and what they are doing to help you reach your goals. Therefore, saving you money in the long run.

Another question we hear often is, do we accept insurance? The majority of therapists does not work with insurance companies directly, but will provide you paperwork for you to be reimbursed whatever your out-of-network benefits allow. The reason most therapists stay out-of-network with insurance companies is that we ethically do not believe in a panel of insurance personnel being involved in our clients’ therapy. All of our focus is on our clients and we do not like any outside noise. If you would like to use your insurance at all, you need to have a mental health diagnosis. If you want an in-network therapist, I recommend calling your insurance company directly and see if there are therapists in your area, who specialize in what you are experiencing that you can see.