Welcome, I'm Lori Gray, MA, LPC

EMDR trained, Child/Teen and Adult Therapist
Welcome to The Counseling Place! I am so grateful that you are here to find support for the challenges that you, or your child, are facing. Navigating the complexities of life can be overwhelming, confusing and emotional. Some experiences may stay with you over time or be too difficult to manage on your own. I am here to help you or your child deepen in self-understanding and discover your innate abilities to transform as you steer your way through difficult times, whether they are new or have been going on for years.
I spend my free time enjoying the changing seasons and busyness of life with my husband, my two children and my dog. I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation, hiking, skiing, crafting and taking road trips around the country (but usually following my hockey player around Colorado!). Life is a balance and I enjoy living it to its fullest!

The Children’s Corner
Children learn about, process and engage with their world through play and movement. It is their natural form of expression and reveals much about their inner experience. By engaging through movement and play in a gentle, safe manner, children can learn to cope with difficult emotions, aggressive behavior, social expectations and the many other challenges they face. Play therapy uses children’s natural enjoyment of play to process emotions, understand their experiences, practice new behaviors, increase self-awareness, learn coping skills and so much more. I work at your child’s pace, building their trust and comfort with me as we explore ways that they can overcome whatever challenges they are facing to develop a stronger sense of self through self-respect, self-control, positive relationships, acceptance and open expression of their feelings.
Gaining your child’s trust and confidence is critical to our success working together. Confidentiality, particularly for older children, is important unless there is any potential for harm. I work with parents to feel comfortable with the process of play therapy by providing updates after each session and scheduling parent meetings periodically.

Support for Teens and Adults
Our brains are fascinating structures with incredible complexity and potential, however we can become hindered by ingrained patterns of thinking and behavior that do not support our best functioning. I help clients tap into their own inner resources and strengths, integrating movement and mindfulness with traditional talk therapy to find the best approach for each individual client. Our bodies carry the burden of our life experiences. Through movement we can deepen self-awareness, express bottled up emotions and expand our ability to break old patterns. I will help you or your teen gently and safely explore the root of dis-ease and establish a secure foundation to manage the challenges of life with authenticity, emotional intelligence and self-awareness.
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Lori's Therapy Specialties

Individual Therapy; Children and Adolescents; Adults; Parenting Support; Trauma; Mindfulness and Yoga; Self-esteem; Body Image; Life Transitions; Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Motivational Interviewing; Play Therapy; Dance/Movement Therapy.

Work Experience

In addition to Lori’s work with clients at The Counseling Place, Lori provides intensive in-home family therapy to children, adolescents and parents experiencing high levels of trauma, relationship conflict and at-risk behavior to avoid placements in and/or support transitions from residential or psychiatric placements. Lori also provided play, movement and creative arts-based therapy for children experiencing abuse and neglect, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety at The Mariposa Center for Infant, Child and Family Enrichment as a child and family therapist. Lori also provided parenting support and psychoeducation related to trauma and parenting techniques. She has experience working with individuals and families, integrating mindfulness, movement, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and play therapy with clients of different ages and abilities.