Depression can feel overwhelming and almost as if there is no way out of the depth of negativity you may feel. The lack of energy, motivation, and focus can engulf your life.  Many people want to jump to an anti-depressant to resolve these uncomfortable emotions. These medications can be helpful, but research supports that psychotherapy has a greater result in treating depression.

Here are some things to think about if you are suffering from depression:

1. How is your social life?  Relationships are very important when suffering from depression.  Human beings are social beings which mean we need to be relating to others.  This does not mean you need to be the most social person in town, but healthy relationships are very important to our mental health.  If you are suffering from low mood, try getting out with your friends and see what it does for you.  Isolation can breed feelings of depression and anxiety.

2. Are you being true to yourself?  We all have our own manuals which basically tell us how we tick.  For example, someone who is extraverted and needs a lot of human interaction would not do well in the job role of a data processor, etc.   That person needs more interaction during their day. We must stay in line with our core self and not waiver too far from it.

3.  How are your thoughts?  Stop and think about your thought patterns.  If you are someone who ruminates over events, people, situations, and what is troubling you STOP!  Ruminating does nothing but contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression.  The process of ruminating never solves any issues.  Train your thoughts to think from point A to point B.  If you feel your thoughts are spinning out of control, hit the stop button and ask yourself if you are actually solving the problem or simply allowing it to run amuck in your head causing a major disturbance.

4.  Are you in action?  When people feel depression they often slow down and at times nearly isolate themselves from all activities.  This is another ingredient for depression to cook.  I know it may seem very difficult to get into action mode as your depression has taken your energy and motivation from you, but you would be surprised the energy you will get from getting out there and moving.

5. How would you rate your decision making?  Happy people don’t just get there on a whim.  They are outstanding planners.  Successful people are able to make decision with foresight in mind of how their life will be when they reach the outcome of that decision.  So many people experience feelings of depression, worry, and being stuck because of a poor decision or decisions they made.  Slow down and really think through where your decisions today will land you tomorrow, don’t simply take the easy way out.

I hope you find this food for thought helpful and remember that depression is treatable.  You do not need to suffer.