Like most of you when the Olympics come around every two years, I love watching the athletes and hearing their stories. Us humans, we love stories. We become so engaged listening to the Olympians life narrative. Many have overcome adversity and all of them have maintained extreme focus to compete at that level.

When we look at Olympians, we often think they are almost super human. That there is no way we could accomplish at such high levels. But what do they have that we do not? Take their athletic talent out of it for a moment.

  1. Living in their passion every day. Olympians are executing what they love, what they are passionate doing; therefore they are living in their brilliance every day. When they tire from all the hard work, their passion pushes and pulls them forward to continue. So when you ask why they never quit when facing hardship? Passion is the answer.
  2. They visualize. When you watch an Olympian compete, what are they doing before the event? They are picturing themselves doing it. They are using visualization techniques. The mind and body are powerful tools and Olympians know how to connect them.

By combing the two key features above, Olympians manifest their future. So, why do so many of us not try this out? Why do people stay at the same job that is outside of their passion and brilliance? Why do we believe that living in what we innately desire, only the lucky ones achieve?

Well, think like an Olympian. Become grounded in what lights your soul on fire. Develop your life around this. Write out on a card what you want to see your life to look like.

An example may be: I work three days a week at a company I believe in as I raise my children. I will attend all of their after school events. We will have family dinner together most evenings. We openly communicate. I see us owning a place in the mountains where we can come together and enjoy nature and outdoor sports on the weekends.

Notice any mindset issues that emerge when you write out your vision. Why are they there? Where do they come from? Why can’t you……?

Most people I know who set intentions and live intentionally, accomplish what is on their vision cards. Try it out.